I07 International land use systems research WS 2006/2007
Prof. Dr. E. Schlecht, Dr. C. Hülsebusch

Oman - Febuary 24th-March 10th 2007

Sustainable land- and resource use between tradition and modernity

From February 24th to March 10th 2007, a group of 14 students from the University of Kassel (Witzenhausen) and 7 students from the University of Göttingen, accompanied by 6 lecturers went on a 2 weeks excursion to the Sultanate of Oman. The group consisted of students at the BSc, MSc and Diploma level.
Having arrived in Oman, the group was joined by Dr. Suleiman Al-Khanjari, a lecturer in agronomy at Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat, and by 17 Omani students. The Omani group joined the excursion wherever possible and an intensive exchange of thought developed between the German and the Omani students on many of the topics discussed on the tour.

The first few excursion days were spent in and around Muscat. The group spent a day at Sultan Qaboos University where they joined the Omani students and lecturers and were introduced to the research and training programme of the College of Agricultural and Marine Sciences. The german students were taken for a guided tour around the university’s campus, experimental farm and dairy plant. After visiting Al Ghubrah Desalinisation and Power Plant, a modern mixed crop-livestock farm at the Batinah, the royal horse stables, the camel breeding centre, and also the Grand Mosque and the Mutrah Sooq (market) in Muscat, the excursion went into the Northern Omani Mountain ranges, visited oasis systems of Balad Seet, the town of Nizwa, the Al-Jabal Al-Akhdar and the oasis of Maqta, before descending again towards the North coast. From there, the path led into the interior, past the oil fields of Rima, irrigation agriculture at Marmul and the UNESCO world heritage frankincense reserve at Thumrayt down to Salalah and Wadi Hinna.

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