I07 International land use systems research - WS 2010/2011
Prof. Dr. E. Schlecht, Dr. C. Hülsebusch

Kenya - March 05th-March 20th 2011

Potential of rural Commodity Chains for Livelihoods, Job Creation and Development

From March 5th to March 20th 2011 a group of 9 students from the University of Kassel (Witzenhausen) and 16 students from the University of Göttingen, accompanied by 4 lecturers went on a two-weeks excursion to Kenya. The group arrived in Kenya´s capital, Nairobi, and spend the first three days of the excursion there.

From Nairobi the group made its way up in northern direction. From Embu in the South-East of Mt. Kenya to Nyahururu in the West of Mt. Kenya the landscape, landuse and agriculture changed enormously - from green, fertile hills to a barren, dry area dominated by acacia trees, shrubs and yellowish grasslands, from rich crop production to extensive animal husbandry and pastoralism. Outside the capital Nairobi the group learned about the diverse challenges of Kenya´s agriculture. From Nyahururu in the West of Mt. Kenya the excursion group went further west along the geologically and biologically diverse Rift Valley to Nakuru. There the Egerton University with its expertise for agricultural sciences is located. At Egerton the participants got insights in the scientific work and research of the University and could exchange with staff and students.

On the further itinerary some students of the Egerton University joined the group for the second half of the excursion. From the Laikipia District the group went on towards Lake Victoria via the tea and coffee plantations west of the Rift Valley. From Lake Victoria the excursion itinerary lead via a region dominated by sugarcane plantations and via the Transmara to the well-known Masai Mara Game Reserve. Coming close to wildlife and experiencing again a completely different landscape and culture was a nice completion of the diverse and enriching excursion.

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