Cartridge belt


Geographical origin: probably East Africa.

 The object was donated by Arning to the German Colonial School after his dismissal in 1934. Nothing is yet known about the exact circumstances of the acquisition.
The donor, Wilhelm Arning, (*20.12.1865 - 11.11.1943),

worked after his medical studies from 1892-1896 as a military doctor in the Schutztruppe in what was then "German East Africa". After his military service and doctorate in 1899, he worked as an ophthalmologist and publicist for the German colonies. As part of this role, he conducted several research trips to Asia Minor and the Near East, "German East Africa" and the South African Union. From 1907 to 1912 he sat in the German Reichstag for the National Liberal Party. In 1914, he was surprised by the First World War in "German East Africa" and joined the German Schutztruppe under Paul von Lettow-Vorbeck. In 1917 he became a British prisoner of war and was extradited to Germany in 1919. After his release he continued to be politically active in Hanover as a member of the provincial parliament and as a member of the Prussian Council of State for the German National People's Party. On 6 January 1928, he was elected by the supervisory board as the new headmaster of the German Colonial School. He remained in this position until 1934, having already been a member of the school advisory board. Since the end of the war, he sat on the supervisory board and was also temporarily active as a lecturer at the school. After finishing his activities at the DKS, he stayed longer in South West Africa, the Cape Colony and East Africa. From August 1939 he volunteered for service in the Wehrmacht until the end of 1940. He gave lectures at the University of Göttingen and at the Technical University of Hanover. He also gave lectures on behalf of the SS on the preliminary training of officers intended for colonial service. Arning died in Hanover on 11 November 1943.

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