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Patricia completed her BSc. Foods, Nutrition and Dietetics at Egerton University, Kenya in 2015 and obtained her MSc Nutrition from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel (HUJI) in 2020. Additionally, she pursued a Postgraduate Diploma in Global Health from The University of Manchester (2017-2019) and prior to that was awarded a Postgraduate Certificate in Humanitarian Operations Programs from Oxford Brookes University and Save the Children International (2017).

Career Patricia has experience in humanitarian, research and development programs. She started her career as a humanitarian trainee at Save the Children hosted by Trocaire, Sudan where she worked on projects in health, nutrition, education, WASH and women empowerment. Towards completion of her MSc, she joined One Acre Fund, Kenya as a Nutrition Program Specialist where she led and coordinated the implementation of two multi-site longitudinal nutrition research studies that assessed an integrated nutrition and agriculture intervention. She also designed a Social Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) project concentrating on nutrition and gender dynamics where multiple strategies were adopted including digitized communication channels. Patricia has worked as a research assistant and volunteered in different health & nutrition projects and organizations/institutes. She is currently a doctoral researcher with the NaviNut project at DITSL and the Center for Research and Development in Drylands (CRDD) in Kenya.

Experience abroad

Patricia has work and research experience in Kenya and remotely in Sudan


Her research interests are in maternal and child nutrition, food security, local knowledge, transdisciplinary research and participatory action research in identification of innovations among different populations for sustainable actions and solutions. In her PhD research she uses a transdisciplinary research approach and aims at understanding perspectives, knowledge, practices and local innovations on child feeding to enhance peer to peer learning between different types of (agro-)pastoral mothers in rural and peri-urban areas in Marsabit



B.A. Ethnology

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Publication list

Martin Nadarzinski studied ethnology at the University of Frankfurt am Main. He works primarily on ethnographic collections with colonial roots in Germany. He also has experience in exhibition and collection management.

During his studies Martin Nadarzinski completed various internships in different museums (Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, Centre Charlemagne - Neues Stadtmuseum Aachen, Museum Wiesbaden, Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum Cologne - Art and Cultures of the World). He also worked as a student curator in the exhibition "Plakatiert! Reflections of Indigenous North America", which was realized in cooperation with the Institute of Ethnology of the Goethe University and the World Culture Museum Frankfurt am Main


His research interests focus primarily on the history and the development of ethnographic collections in Germany and the way they are handled today. Geographically, he has focused on the colonial entanglements of museum objects and collections from present-day Namibia
Current research project
Origin and history of the current ethnographic collection of the DITSL with focus on the Namibian holdings. 

He has teaching experience as a tutor at the Institute of Ethnology at the university in Frankfurt and in youth and adult education



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