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Training Marion Hulverscheidt studied human medicine and history of science at the Universities Kiel and Göttingen. She specialised in history of medicine albeit having a grounded clinical training from gynecology and as a General practioner. With a grant form the Heinrich-Boell-Foundation she prepared her theses as guest at the Max Planck-Institute for History of Science, Berlin. She holds a doctoral degree in medicine with a thesis written on female genital mutilation in 19th Century Germany from the University of Göttingen (2001).
Career From 2003 until 2011 she was research assistant at the institutes for history of medicine in Heidelberg and Berlin. She worked on the funding practices of research in the field of tropical medicine between 1920 and 1970, on the malaria experiments during the National Socialism, on the Robert Koch Institute for Infectious diseases during National Socialism, conducted a teaching project on Plague, performed and produced on the celebrations of 300 anniversary of the Charité in Berlin and the 125 anniversary of Hygiene institutions in Berlin
Experience abroad She has short-term experience from UK (Oxford, research stay at the Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, Casa de Oswaldo Cruz/Fundação Oswaldo Cruz) and the USA.
Her research is mainly based in 20ies century medicine with connection to late 19th century and ethical trajectories into current medicine. She focuses on knowledge production and the cultural and political influences within.
Current Research Projects
Medical subjects and fields in the courses of the Kolonialschule Witzenhausen with its teachers.
Health subjects in the correspondence of alumni and director at Kolonialschule Witzenhausen
Framing Buchinger – biographical approach to Buchinger and his fasting cure, a Witzenhausen invention.
She has a broad teaching experience in medical terminology, History, Theory and Ethics of Medicine, History of Medicine and Nursery and Philosophy of Science and Medicine.