Head of the DITSL-Library and Archive

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Phone: +49 (0) 5542 607 13

Training Claudia Blaue is a qualified librarian for higher service in academic libraries. She was trained at the library school in Frankfurt am Main and at the University Library of Kassel.
Career and Field of Duty After having worked for several years at the University Library of Osnabrück in the Department of Vechta and at the Federal Finance Administration in Münster, she became head of the DITSL-Library in 1995. The Library of DITSL owns about 46,000 monographs and about 1,400 journal titles, approximately 70 of which are continuously published.

Claudia Blaue administers the partly historical library collection as well as the lending system. She also initiates collection additions and new acquisitions. In order to make historical and rare works available to scientists she arranges conservation, restoration and binding measures and, as appropriate, the creation of facsimile reprints in cooperation with relevant publishers, book binding businesses and book shops. In addition, Ms. Blaue supervises the extensive archives of the DITSL and the former German Colonial School in Witzenhausen.

Ms. Blaue possesses comprehensive knowledge about the special collections on tropical and subtropical agriculture, as well as on German colonial history. She is a qualified person of contact concerning these topics and the history of the German Colonial School at Witzenhausen.